Growing Gayspeak

. 12/01/2008

Recently, a friend forwarded a text message which supposedly lists the latest additions to the “Badingtionary.” I, almost automatically, forwarded the message to everyone on my list – I dream of a world that accepts baklese as a formal language, demmet!

I am amazed at how the Pinoy gay lingo evolves. I observed that the language is almost 80% dependent on current events and pop culture so a revision is required every six months – at least.

But anyway, here are some of the words that MY PEOPLE recently concocted:

1. Aglipay – ugly kept man/woman of a foreigner, “ugly Pinoy, ugly Pinay”

2. Anjanette – “I’m coming!”

3. Barclay – Baclaran

4. Bethlehem – testicles

5. Cadillac – to walk

6. Chemistry – to joke, BS, kiyeme

7. Daisy Farm – Philippine Women’s University, a place to pick-up teenage boys as in daisy-sais, daisy siyete…

8. Difficult – poverty-stricken

9. Eclipse – to sleep

10. Exhaust fan – a stupid person

11. Flat shoes na may takong – yes

12. Galema – traitor

13. Hagedorn – tired

14. Jason Pamintuan – straight-acting gay (this one got me laughing because all the Jason I know is gay.)

15. King Kong Barbie – effeminate muscular gay man

16. Lotlot and friends – losers of a contest, especially beauty pageants

17. Moon Crystal Power – beautiful only at night (Sailormoon truly is a gay icon.)

18. Narcisa – nurse

19. Pa-essence – “let me taste” (so pa-experience is obsolete?)

20. Peninsula – penis

21. Standard – old gay man (so institution is obsolete?)

22. Success Story – ugly gay man who hooked up with really hot guy (I think this is a matter of perspective, one man’s success story is another man’s mercy fuck.)

23. Trixie – tricycle

24. Voltron – ugly muscular gay man, “baklang maton”

25. Yema – icky residue after anal intercourse (why?)

If you know any new gay words, please let me know. E-mail me @ reignloleng@gmail.com. Seriously, I’m collecting them.


Manny Espinola said...

bakloggger - baklang blogger or gay lumberjack or otherwise anyone constantly delayed in terms of product output

shirley tempropofol - baklang totally plastered or a deadly alcoholic cocktail that looks cute (like with a miniature umbrella emblazoned with "MJ"). pronounced very campily because tempropofol is quite a mouthful

To Ms Reign L: may I use this latest batch in my news magazine called One Philippines? Syempre all credited to you. I am in charge of the jokes section of this expat magazine (Rona Co is my Managing editor - she's the one who alerted me re u) It would make a good sidebar for an article of mine called Chabacano: Spanish Creole Contact Vernacular Unique in Asia or some such stuffy scholarly ek. Creole languages resemble the origin of text speak because both are born out of necessity. It is the opposite of gayspeak because the latter is born out of the need to insulate, to keep straights out.

Manny Espinola

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