So Random

. 6/21/2009

EX is, well, an ex-boyfriend who I dumped because he was just too melodramatic. Below are a snippets from our chance encounter via YM. (Note: I edited parts because I hate it when people spel wUrdz lyk dis.)


EX: Do you still remember me?

Reign: No.

EX: Ok.

Reign: I’m kidding. Of course I remember you.

EX: Kumusta na?

Reign: Cut to the chase. What do you need?

EX: Wala lang. I miss you.

Reign: Damn it.


Hmmm. What to say to someone who says they miss you when you don’t miss them back?




EX: May BF ka now?

Reign: No.

EX: Ako I’m dating someone.

Reign: Did I ask?

EX: Nasabi ko lang. Kasi he reminds me of you.

Reign: Wow. I’m very very flattered.

EX: :)

Reign: FYI, that was sarcasm.

EX: :(


Why do exes have the need to know about your current romantic situations? And why to they feel the need to one-up you? Is this some kind of a contest?



EX: Pwede ba tayo magkita ulit?

Reign: What for?

EX: Sobrang na-miss talaga kita.

Reign: Oh?

EX: Oo. Let’s go out. Date tayo.

Reign: ‘Di ba nga you are dating someone?

EX: Oo, pero I think mas masaya ako pag ikaw ulit kasama ko.

Reign: ‘Di ako clown. Hahahaha.

EX: Ewan. I just want to be with you again.


The last line made me stop typing. I thought about it. It was so random. So unexpected. A part of me wants to say “yes” because I am so bored and I sorta kinda want to see him too – no, I don’t miss him, that’s different. But I know being with him again is a disaster in the making. So for a couple of moments, which felt like an eternity, I thought about how to reply and I came up with this…


Reign: Sure. Let’s have dinner.


Whatever. I am a sucker for disasters anyway.


I just found out that yet another ex-boyfriend of mine is going to be a father. That’s it. I am very very convinced that I am an avatar of a Hindu fertility god. Barren? Touch Reign Loleng and be a parent in an instant!



There are now 344 reported cases of Influenza A(H1N1) in the Philippines. It’s only inevitable that I will get it soon. There – I just made a case for going to Hong Kong despite the pandemic. See you in 5 days.


hong-kong-night-market-people-eating-full HK night market looks like a hotbed for H1N1 doesn’t it?



No Beach

. 6/18/2009

This year I was not able to go to the beach so I went ahead and took a moment to scan old pictures of myself enjoying the sand. And I found this…



Ugh! I hate the fact that I wasn’t able to go to the beach this summer. Oh well, at least I am going to HK next week. It’ll be my first time. Anyone know any places in HK that I should visit? Thanks.



Snippets: Tumbleweeds, Roxanne, Moustache, 295, Cheyenne

. 6/11/2009

Overheard: Tumbleweeds


Three gay guys on a coffee place…


G1: It’s been six months since I had last sex. I miss it.

G2: That’s depressing. Your ass is a desert.

G3: You should check it. Baka may tumbleweeds na diyan. Hahaha!

G1: Whatever, I like tumbleweeds. It’s rustic.

G2: Honey, there’s nothing rustic about tumbleweeds. Do not romanticize your non-existent sex life.


Roxanne Guinoo


roxanne … is one of the nicest celebrities that I’ve met. I really thought that she would be an uber-bitch. I don’t know why. I guess she just exudes that aura. Anyway, I met her and she is super nice. I promise to watch her next movie, teleserye, whatever.


I wanted to ask her about Jake Cuenca but that would be too much, no?




Don’t Shave, Ever



I have seen a slew of celebrities around ABS-CBN but I’ve never really been starstrucked. And then I met Jimmy Encarnacion. He was Ces Drilon’s cameraman who were kidnapped last year in Sulu. Here is what I remember from my brief meeting with him.


Reign: Sir!

Jimmy: Hello. (smiles)

Reign: (extends hand, shakes Jimmy’s hand) Bilib ako po ako sa tapang niyo.

Jimmy: (still smiling) Salamat.

Reign: Huwag po kayo mag-aahit, sexy kayo tingnan pag may bigote. (I really don’t know why I said it.)

Jimmy: (turns all red, laughs a little) Thank you!


I am in love with him. He’s just so cute.




I’m fat. I’m obese. There I said it. But somehow, there are days that I feel just so sexy, slim. Reverse anorexia? Is there something wrong with me?


I Won’t Walk Away, Promise

I love you, Cheyenne. I love you so much.