Is This Really Him?

. 2/18/2009

As a blogger, to take back something something that you have already posted is probably one of the biggest crime you could commit. But please before you call me out on anything, let me show you this…

Lani is Joker I take it back. A few posts ago, I was all praises with Lani Misalucha’s transformation. Not anymore. But before you Lani fans go hating on me, let me just say that I am still a fan of hers. I still think that she is a very talented singer. But come on now, Lani. You should have stopped with the surgeries when you are starting to look like one of the Jacksons. But then again, she could be thinking of replacing Heath Ledger in the next Batman movie. Joker anyone?

Speaking of cosmetic surgery – on to Regine Velasquez. I recently had a friendly debate with a friend about her transformation. The topic was not “Did she have something done?”. it was “What did really change?”

Regine's Evolution I see brow lift, nose job and collagen. What do you see? Please don’t mention the obvious. (Weight gain.)

But you know sometimes, you really don’t need cosmetic surgery to look like a Hollywood celebrity. Case in point – Pokwang.

Pokwang is Lucy Liu Are they related? They could be sisters don’t they. If Pokwang did some surgical enhancement please let me know.

And finally, off-topic but a bit intriguing.

James YapIs this really James Yap? Seriously? Kris Aquino is one lucky girl.




. 2/11/2009

Recently, I read an article online about the perks of singlehood. Five things were listed as fabulous things about being single:

1. My time is my own.
2. Everything stays were I left it.
3. No one has to see my faults.
4. My money is my own.
5. I can go whenever I want, wherever I want.

If, like me, you have been single and alone for almost an entire lifetime, you know that the statements posted above are not fabulous things about being single but a defense mechanism or convenient excuses to avoid relationships (or explain why you are not in one.) It’s pathetic to mask the pangs of loneliness by putting up a pseudo-positive attitude. I am the kind of fag who wallows and swims in my despair hoping I learn something from it.

I need a person who will drag me to Church even though I never want to attend mass. I need someone to talk on the phone with until the morning even though I hate very long telephone conversations. I need someone to share my time with. I need someone who will ask me watch the latest Nicole Kidman film even though I hate her to death. I need someone who’ll tell me to pick-up clothes from the dry cleaners even though I am allergic to laundry detergent.

My life is cluttered. My room is cluttered. My mind is cluttered. I need someone who’ll pick up after me, organize me or at least someone worth organizing my life for. I place things at the wrong places and I need someone to tell me where to put them and how to arrange them.

I think I am perfect – I am conceited. Someone has to tell me that I need to lose weight, my clothes are not fashionable, I talk too much, I can’t sing, I have to shut up. Someone has to tell me that I could be wrong. I need the reminder.

I love to give the perfect present. I like to give someone a CD of my favorite band. I want someone to shop clothes for and spend time thinking what would look best for him.

I would love to have someone to jog to CCP with, to swim in the beaches of Boracay with, to visit the museums of Rome with, and to make go to Disneyland with. (Boracay, Rome, Disneyland? Ang babaw ko, dude.)

I need a man. Not a boy

Or maybe I just need sex… matagal na rin ah!




. 2/07/2009

Doubt Movie Poster Thanks to my new best friend, mininova.org, I was able to see Doubt days before it opens in theaters here in Manila. And yes, I got a very clear copy, thank you very much.

I was very excited to download Doubt because this year it is nominated for 5 Oscars. And everyone is raving about Viola Davis’ performance and Meryl Streep historic 15th Oscar acting nomination. For that alone, this is a must see.

The movie is set in 1964, at St. Nicholas Church / School in Bronx. It’s a power struggle between the school principal, a nun played by Streep, who believes in the power of fear and discipline (think Etang Discher) and a popular priest, Father Flynn, played by Philip Seymour Hoffman, who is trying to change the school’s strict customs and maybe try to be, uh, cool. In the midst of all the political tug of war is Sister James, played by Amy Adams, a naive nun who has suspicions about Father Flynn’s relationship with one of the altar boys. Juicy. In the mix is Mrs. Miller (Davis), the mother of the alleged victim of molestation.

Now, I am was a Catholic. Went to a Catholic school from pre-school to high school. Heard mass as often as I could. Was a part of the church choir. Naturally, I am intrigued and yes I have my biases.

But first a few talking points…


Cast of Doubt

This is the most Oscar nominated acting ensemble since 2002’s Chicago. In fact, it duplicate all of Chicago’s acting nominations: 2 for Supporting Actress (Davis, Adams / Queen Latifah, Catherine Zeta Jones), 1 for Supporting Actor (Hofman / John C. Reilly) and 1 for Lead Actress (Streep / Renee Zellweger).

Philip Seymour Hoffman is definitely the lead. Why he campaigned for supporting actor is beyond me. Still, this was a good performance from Hoffman. He plays the creepy guy very well (yes, father Flynn creeped the hell out of me). It’s almost unfair to the character that Hoffman is tapped to play him. I mean, just one look at Hoffman and my brain is screaming “pedophile, pedophile!”

Amy Adams, was good, but then again she can play this role in her sleep. We’ve seen her many times before played a variation of the innocent naive hopeful anything. Think, Enchanted. Is this performance Oscar-worthy? I say NO!

The always amazing Streep was again the star of the show. This woman is a legend. Will she win this year’s Oscar? I am guessing no. It seems like it’s Kate Winslet’s year. But I just realized that the last time Streep won an Oscar was 1982. That is such a crime.


Doubt Davis Now much has been said about Viola Davis’ performance. I think she’s great in this movie. But is she as good as what the others say? No. I didn’t think so. She appears in only 2 scenes in the  movie, one of them the most talked about scene with Streep, and I felt underwhelmed. It was like a “is that it?” moment for me. Perhaps, a second viewing will make me change my mind.

Over-all, I say Doubt is one of the best films of 2008 I have seen. The acting was good, not great, but still good. The movie was well written (adapted by John Patrick Shanley from his own play, he directs too), especially the dramatic climax between the Sister Aloysius and Father Flynn and the “gossip” parable.

However, I think it failed on two things. One, in the middle of the film, it seems to propose a “did he do it?’ question for the viewers which was never really fully fulfilled. As the story progresses, it seems to challenge the viewers to cast, well, doubt on Father’s Flynn’s character and Sister Aloysious’ suspicions. Instead, it makes the viewer decide and take sides early on. You don’t really flip flop as the premise of the movie suggest. You become a lawyer for either the charismatic priest and try to defend him, or be on the stern nun’s side and try to persecute with her.

Finally, the ending. I was satisfied with the ending. It felt like it was the right thing for the writer to do. But one thing that bugs me is, the last line. I never realized until now how the last dialogue could ruin an entire movie.

Doubt Streep Doubt is currently showing theaters in Manila.



Pops is No Lani Misalucha

. 2/04/2009

Pops Fernandez is all over my TV. Apparently she is promoting some concert with her ex-husband and super annoying drama king Martin Nievera. The concert is produced by Pops' current beau - former hottie and former star of my sexual fantasies - Jomari Yllana. More on him later.

A few questions:

  • May nanonood pa ba sa kanila?
  • Ilang taon na ba sila? Hindi ba sila singkwenta anyos na?
  • 'Di ba sila magka-away?
  • and finally.. si Pops Fernandez ba ay si Inday Badiday?

Let me say this: "Pops Fernandez's face is fucked-up. Seriously."

She went from pleasantly cosmetically enhanced to...

Petrang Kabayo.

Dapat dito kay Pops tularan si Mama Lani Misalucha. In fairness kay Lani, halata man na nagpagawa siya, na-enhance naman ang ganda ng lola mo. Ganyan dapat kung magpaparetoke ka.

Lani Misalucha's evolution.

Minus One Lani
(yes siya daw ang boses na inaalis sa Minus One tapes sa Karaoke)

SOP Lani
(mukhang inayusang PA ni Regine)

Vegas Lani
(kinabog ang Theory ni Charles Darwin, mabilisang ebolusyon ito)

Although, I must admit, Lani's nose looks kinda waxy. Parang detachabale. Konti na lang mukha na siyang kapatid nila Janet, LaToya and Michael Jackson.

But still, Pops, kung nababasa mo ito (naks!) take a cue from Lani. Hindi na naman lihim sa lahat na ibang level na ang pinaretoke mo. Kilala ka na namin dalagita ka pa lang. Sana, kung magpapagawa ka ng mukha, ayusin mo. Ka-fez ka na ni Ate Luds, eh. Ayan mas maganda na si Dolly Ann Carvajal sa 'yo.