'Yung kay Hayden...

. 5/27/2009

Buti pa 'tong buhok ko mahaba, 'yung kay Hayden...
Buti pa ang pila sa Lotto mahaba, 'yung kay Hayden...
Buti pa 'yung utang ko sa tindahan mahaba, 'yung kay Hayden...
Buti pa 'yung mga kuko ni Mystica mahaba, 'yung kay Hayden...
Buti pa ang Coke 1.5 malaki, 'yung kay Hayden...
Buti pa si Sharon mataba, 'yung kay Hayden...
Buti pa ang yelo matigas, 'yung kay Hayden...
Buti pa ang ulo ng batang makulit matigas, 'yung kay Hayden...
Buti pa 'yung luto ni nanay mukhang masarap, 'yung kay Hayden...
Buti pa 'yung baba ni Ai-Ai mahaba, 'yung kay Hayden...
Buti pa 'yung legs ni Melanie Marquez mahaba, 'yung kay Hayden...



I Cried A Little Bit

. 5/21/2009



brokeback_mountain In 2006, Brokeback Mountain was the frontrunner to win the Oscar Best Picture. Everyone expected it. Even the people who made  the other films nominated that year. Jack Nicholson announced the winner. He opens the envelope and reads… “Crash!” He gave a don’t-be-mad-at-me-I-only-read-it look. I cried a little bit.


Flash forward to 2009, Adam Lambert was a few moments away from being named the next American Idol. Everyone knew it was going to happen, perhaps, even Kris Allen himself knew. Seacrest opens the envelope and reads the name of the winner. It is… “Kris Allen.” I can almost hear it. 100 million drag queens ripped their gowns in despair. Gays all over the world are mourning. Homophobia is so mainstream. Mainstream is so homophobic. I cried a little bit.





Academy Award Nominee Mo’Nique?

. 5/20/2009


The Film Experience lists Mo’Nique as a front-runner for Oscar 2009 Best Supporting Actress for “Precious”. Trailer looks good. Mariah Carey seems like she wants to be taken seriously as an an actress – de-glam! Can’t wait.

Hmmm, so in less than a year we will be hearing a lot of “Oscar Nominee Mo’Nique?” If Queen Latifah can do it why can’t she? This is actually within the realm of possibility since Precious is backed by Oprah Winfrey who is said to have lobbied majorly for “Crash” to win Best Picture upsetting “Brokeback Mountain.”



Two-Month Hiatus...

. 5/17/2009

... is over.

  • I've finally finished my screenplay. I missed the Palanca deadline but oh well. Very very happy that I completed it. It's not exactly a masterpiece but I can officially say that I wrote something that's well over 90 pages.
  • Workshop is fun. I am currently attending a Film and TV Production workshop. The first few sessions were amazing. Learned a lot, especially from Ricky Lee. I never expected him to be funny. Seriously, he should be a stand-up comic. Next week we will be talking about costume and production design. Not too excited about that.
  • Creative living. DVD marathon. Books. Music. Loving it.
  • "Dead na si Lolo" revived my hope for the Philippine Movies. "Heavenly Touch" killed it. What a waste of time and money.
  • "United States of Tara" is my new favorite TV series. Second season will be on 2010. "The Office", "Lost", "American Idol", "Amazing Race", "Survivor: Toncantins" season finales in a span of two weeks. What to watch now? I guess "Parks and Recreations" is an adequate "The Office" subsitute.
  • Everyone is single. College BFFs. High School BFFs. Singlehood has its pros and cons - okay, mostly cons. But if you and your closest friends are experiencing a synchronized single-blessedness, it doesn't feel so lonely.
  • I am currently crushing on someone. Yey me!
  • In two months, the new niece will come. Must lobby hard for a good name. Adrianna Reign? Amandine Rachel? Suggestions? Must start with either letter A or R.
  • My weight is at an all-time high. Cracks in confidence observed. Must avoid breakdown.
  • Jillions of celebrity sighting. Not really starstrucked. Except maybe Tonton Guttierez wearing super tight jeans. The guy is hung.
  • Oh, and yeah, I turned 27.