Snippets: Tumbleweeds, Roxanne, Moustache, 295, Cheyenne

. 6/11/2009

Overheard: Tumbleweeds


Three gay guys on a coffee place…


G1: It’s been six months since I had last sex. I miss it.

G2: That’s depressing. Your ass is a desert.

G3: You should check it. Baka may tumbleweeds na diyan. Hahaha!

G1: Whatever, I like tumbleweeds. It’s rustic.

G2: Honey, there’s nothing rustic about tumbleweeds. Do not romanticize your non-existent sex life.


Roxanne Guinoo


roxanne … is one of the nicest celebrities that I’ve met. I really thought that she would be an uber-bitch. I don’t know why. I guess she just exudes that aura. Anyway, I met her and she is super nice. I promise to watch her next movie, teleserye, whatever.


I wanted to ask her about Jake Cuenca but that would be too much, no?




Don’t Shave, Ever



I have seen a slew of celebrities around ABS-CBN but I’ve never really been starstrucked. And then I met Jimmy Encarnacion. He was Ces Drilon’s cameraman who were kidnapped last year in Sulu. Here is what I remember from my brief meeting with him.


Reign: Sir!

Jimmy: Hello. (smiles)

Reign: (extends hand, shakes Jimmy’s hand) Bilib ako po ako sa tapang niyo.

Jimmy: (still smiling) Salamat.

Reign: Huwag po kayo mag-aahit, sexy kayo tingnan pag may bigote. (I really don’t know why I said it.)

Jimmy: (turns all red, laughs a little) Thank you!


I am in love with him. He’s just so cute.




I’m fat. I’m obese. There I said it. But somehow, there are days that I feel just so sexy, slim. Reverse anorexia? Is there something wrong with me?


I Won’t Walk Away, Promise

I love you, Cheyenne. I love you so much.



Mac Callister said...

hahaha pati naman cameraman crush mo!is he really cute sa personal???

Reign Loleng said...

Hindi naman siya super cute. Maganda kasi ngiti, and mukhang mabait. Hehehehehe.

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Anonymous said...

Hi... mukhang gwapito nga yung cameraman... talagang sexy tignan yung bigote nya... sa picture pa lang, nakakakiliti na... buti ka pa, nakita at nakausap mo siya in person.