I Cried A Little Bit

. 5/21/2009



brokeback_mountain In 2006, Brokeback Mountain was the frontrunner to win the Oscar Best Picture. Everyone expected it. Even the people who made  the other films nominated that year. Jack Nicholson announced the winner. He opens the envelope and reads… “Crash!” He gave a don’t-be-mad-at-me-I-only-read-it look. I cried a little bit.


Flash forward to 2009, Adam Lambert was a few moments away from being named the next American Idol. Everyone knew it was going to happen, perhaps, even Kris Allen himself knew. Seacrest opens the envelope and reads the name of the winner. It is… “Kris Allen.” I can almost hear it. 100 million drag queens ripped their gowns in despair. Gays all over the world are mourning. Homophobia is so mainstream. Mainstream is so homophobic. I cried a little bit.