. 2/11/2009

Recently, I read an article online about the perks of singlehood. Five things were listed as fabulous things about being single:

1. My time is my own.
2. Everything stays were I left it.
3. No one has to see my faults.
4. My money is my own.
5. I can go whenever I want, wherever I want.

If, like me, you have been single and alone for almost an entire lifetime, you know that the statements posted above are not fabulous things about being single but a defense mechanism or convenient excuses to avoid relationships (or explain why you are not in one.) It’s pathetic to mask the pangs of loneliness by putting up a pseudo-positive attitude. I am the kind of fag who wallows and swims in my despair hoping I learn something from it.

I need a person who will drag me to Church even though I never want to attend mass. I need someone to talk on the phone with until the morning even though I hate very long telephone conversations. I need someone to share my time with. I need someone who will ask me watch the latest Nicole Kidman film even though I hate her to death. I need someone who’ll tell me to pick-up clothes from the dry cleaners even though I am allergic to laundry detergent.

My life is cluttered. My room is cluttered. My mind is cluttered. I need someone who’ll pick up after me, organize me or at least someone worth organizing my life for. I place things at the wrong places and I need someone to tell me where to put them and how to arrange them.

I think I am perfect – I am conceited. Someone has to tell me that I need to lose weight, my clothes are not fashionable, I talk too much, I can’t sing, I have to shut up. Someone has to tell me that I could be wrong. I need the reminder.

I love to give the perfect present. I like to give someone a CD of my favorite band. I want someone to shop clothes for and spend time thinking what would look best for him.

I would love to have someone to jog to CCP with, to swim in the beaches of Boracay with, to visit the museums of Rome with, and to make go to Disneyland with. (Boracay, Rome, Disneyland? Ang babaw ko, dude.)

I need a man. Not a boy

Or maybe I just need sex… matagal na rin ah!


Diosa said...

Okay na sana, naloka ako sa dulong line. hahaha

Sabi ko nga I am tired of kissing frogs, baka ikaw rin. We need some good lovin', a real one. I want a man that I can sing "cater to you" by destiny's child, yung wlang kodiog at siyempre yung hindi ako mapapagod. hahaha

Dahil araw na ng ng mga puso at wala akong kakantahan ng cater to you, sabayan mo na lang ako kumanta ng "I don't need a man" ng PCD.


Reign Loleng said...

But I need a man Diosa. I do! Echos!

RONRIC said...

hehe.. auz ah yung last line.. parang canta lang..